Application of Guarantee

This guarantee applies only:

– To purchases of new parts supplied by Valuepart

– To companies who have not purchased that specific part from Valuepart previously

Period Of Guarantee

– The 100 days commence from the date of installation

– Installation must occur within 2 months of purchase

Unapproved Service Or Modification

Valuepart is relieved of its obligation under this guarantee if:

  • Service (other than normal maintenance and replacement of service items) is performed by someone other than the selling Valuepart dealer; or
  • The product is modified or altered in ways not approved by Valuepart
  • Any product that has been disassembled prior to return to Valuepart for warranty inspection

Items Not Covered By The Guarantee

  • Any external damage occurring to the Links, Bushings, Rail assemblies which result in the loss of adequate lubrication of the pin and bushing, extreme or abusive service conditions, or lack of routine accepted maintenance procedures will immediately void this guarantee. Labour charges related to the pin and bushing service, are considered normal maintenance, and this is the responsibility of the owner / operator / user
  • Labour charges
  • Removal and installation cost
  • Other handling charges
  • Transporting the product to and from the place where the product is being returned
  • Damage caused by improper service or installation
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Deductibles where applicable

Obtaining Money Back Guarantee

  • To obtain the 100 Day Money Back Guarantee, the purchaser must request the Guarantee from the Valuepart Location in which they purchased the parts
  • When making such a request, the purchaser must present evidence of the product’s delivery date and installation, deliver the product to the specific Valuepart Location the parts were purchased from, and inform Valuepart in writing, the ways in which the purchaser is unsatisfied with the product
  • Travel time and mileage charges are the responsibility of the purchaser
  • The guarantee will be void if Valuepart deem that there is evidence that the part was not correctly installed and used in normal operation

Product Warranty

  • All product warranty conditions apply as outlined in the Competitive Repair Limited Warranty