Rebar / Relug

Valuepart Australia can rebar (relug and regrouse), thereby saving you money and reducing waste.

Extend the life of your Track Shoes by Relugging worn Plates with quality Grouser Bar. Relugged Grousers can have longer wear-life than the original Grouser. Hardness of 512 BHn, recognised as the industry leading hardness to suit every Australian condition.

Our Unique Rebar / Relug Service

Valuepart offers a unique Rebaring service in that we Relug on the Chain, which eliminates unnecessary labour and parts associated with removing and Relugging Shoes.

We are only Track Shop in Australia to Rebar in this way.

Our unique Rebar process saves you $2400 to $5000 per Track pair compared to traditional Rebar method, making it a lot more cost effective for our customers.

We can also Rebar Swampy (Self-Cleaning/Pyramid/Apex) Shoes and Shoes of any widths.

Valuepart's Track Shop provides a quick turnaround of one week for Rebar jobs.

Call us today to talk to us about your Rebar / Relug job.
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